Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Ivomec Angus Classic Results

The following are the placing results from the 2015 Ivomec Angus Futurity held at the Provincial Exhibition on Friday, August 21st.  Thank you to the judges: Bennett Crane, Kurt Duncan, and Ralph Irving.

The 2015 Futurity Committee would like to thank:
Merial Canada Inc. and its Maritime Representative, David Meyers for their continued support of the Futurity.
The Maritime Angus Association for its ongoing financial support of the Futurity.
Bull Calf
  1. JEM Cinch 2C  – JEM Farm
  2. Hunter Acres Panther 1C – Hunter Acres
  3. MFS All Class 7C – Mutch Farms
  4. JEM Cinch 2C – JEM Farm
  5. MKHF Crossroad 502C – MacKinnon Homestead
  6. MKHF Coal 504C – MacKinnon Homestead
  7. Bannockburn V. Upward 8C – Bannockburn Valley Farm
  8. HMF Dark Horse 4C – James Worth
Heifer  Calf
  1. JEM Classy Lady 11C – JEM Farm
  2. MKHF 117W Mistress 501C - MacKinnon Homestead
  3. MFS All Class 6C – Mutch Farms
  4. Wheatley River Lady Cybil - Wheatley River Farm
  5. Red Wheatley River Camille - Wheatley River Farm
  6. MKHF 9X Marion 507C – MacKinnon Homestead
  7. Dusty Breeze Black Cap – Dusty Breeze Farm
Yearling Heifer
  1. Wheatley River Bella 12B - Kyle Younker
  2. Dusty Breeze Bling 3B  – Dusty Breeze Farm
  3. Bannockburn Valley Pride 2B – Bannockburn Valley Farm
  4. HMF Pride 1B – MacQuarrie Brothers
  5. Wheatley River BellaTrix  - Wheatley River Farm
  6. MFS Classy Lady 2B – Hunter Acres
  7. HMF Lori 4B – James Worth
  8. Red Wheatley River Brea – Wheatley River Farm
  9. HMF Lori 3B – James Worth
  10. Clyde River Diamond – MacQuarrie Brothers
Two Year Old with Calf

  1. Bannockburn Valley Rose 11A – Bannockburn Valley Farm
  2. HMF Diamond Blackbird 5A – James Worth