Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Get EPDs on Your Purebred Angus

Breed Development — Using EPDs

Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) are the most powerful genetic tool we have for selecting the best animals for your breeding program.
EPDs are values that predict how the future progeny of an animal will perform relative to the progeny of other animals in the same breed. They are expressed in the units of that particular trait. For example, weaning weight is measured in pounds thus the Weaning Weight EPD is expressed in pounds. Another way to look at it is EPDs measure an animal’s value as a parent.
EPDs are based on pedigree information and performance data such as weight information and are then compared to other animals within a contemporary group. The different traits are adjusted to a standard age to ensure that all animals are equal when they are compared. The traits are adjusted as follows:
  • 205 days of age for weaning weight
  • 365 days of age for yearling weight
  • 365 days of age for bulls in ultrasound
  • 390 days of age for heifers in ultrasound
EPDs are then calculated using complex statistical procedures twice each year during the National Cattle Evaluation (NCE).
To ensure that your animals receive EPDs you must:
1.  Be enrolled in the Canadian Angus Performance Program (CAPP).
2.  Submit weaning weights on all of your animals.
3.  Place your animals in a (same sex) contemporary group of more than two.
4.  Ensure your animals are within the acceptable age ranges:
a.      130–280 days for WW for red Angus animals
b.      120–280 days for WW for black Angus animals
c.       290–440 days for YW for all Angus animals
5.  Animals that are in a management group of their own, such as twins, fosters, ET calves and lone bull calves are automatically placed into a single animal contemporary group and will not receive EPDs until they are parents to performance-recorded progeny.
To use EPDs effectively you must understand how they work. Imagine you are interested in purchasing a couple of bulls for your herd. You are looking at the EPDs in a sale catalogue. Bull A has a weaning weight EPD of +10 and Bull B has a WW of +60. What does that mean? How can you use the EPDs to choose between the two bulls?
If these animals were randomly mated with 10 similar cows, we would expect the group average weaning weight of Bull A’s offspring to be 50 lbs lighter than that of Bull B’s (60-10=50).

For complete information on EPDs from the CAA, click on this link,

November 1st is Deadline Day

Canadian Angus Performance Program Submission Deadline
Extended to November 1, 2011
We understand that weaning and weighing calves before October 11 is difficult for many breeders. The Canadian Angus Association has worked very hard with the Associations that we cooperate with in genetic evaluations on your behalf to increase efficiencies. We are very pleased to inform you that we are able to extend the deadline for performance data to be included in the next National Cattle Evaluation to Tuesday, November 1, 2011. Our staff will do their best to still have the new EPDs available in early 2012 for sale catalogue and bull buying decisions.
  • To be included in the evaluation, your performance data must be in the office on or before November 1, 2011.
  • It is preferable that you mail, rather than fax, the worksheet to ensure accuracy.
  • Weights can be submitted electronically if you are an electronic user or a HerdMaster user.
  • Refer to Breed Development pages 10–11 of the Breeder Handbook for guidelines on completing the 205 day worksheet.
Important Note:
If it is not possible to submit your weights by November 1, 2011, then please submit them as soon as possible to remain compliant on the Performance Program. There will be another evaluation in May 2012, so weights received after November 1, 2011 will be evaluated in 2012.

Remember, for a weaning weight:
  • The calf must be between 120 and 280 days of age if black.
  • The calf must be between 130 and 280 days if red.

Whole Herd Reporting
Canadian Angus Performance Program is based on Whole Herd Reporting. Please provide a weight for each calf on the worksheet or a disposal code if the calf was removed from your herd before your weaning weight date. Missing data will result in delays with adjusted weight and EPD calculations.
Please contact Kajal Devani, Breed Development Coordinator, at 1-888-571-3580 ext #227 or by email for questions regarding the Performance Program and EPDs.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

PEI Angus Bulls Going on Winter Test

Here is a summary of PEI Angus bulls going on test this winter.  If there are mistakes or omissions, please let us know.

Bannockburn Valley Farm, the Dixon Family.  All bulls are going on home test.

Duncan Livestock.  1 bull going on test at the Maritime Beef Test Station.

Hampshire Meadows Farm, Temple Stewart and Family.  All bulls are going on home test.

Hillcrest Farm, Dr. Bill Best and Mary Best and Family.  1 bull going on test at the Maritime Beef Test Station and other bulls are going on home test.

Miltonvale Angus, 1 bull going on test at Dixon Farms.

Wheatley River Farm, 1 bull going on test at the Maritime Beef Test Station and other bulls going on home test.

Worth-a-Bit Angus, Dixon Farms.  1 bull going on test at the Maritime Beef Test Station and 5 bulls on home test.

Angus in Action Sale Results

Below are some of the highlights from the Angus in Action Sale.  For details on each lot, click on the sale catalog above.  If there are any errors or missing results, please let us know.

Lot#    Consignor                                  Buyer                             Sale Price
4          Bob Higgins                                Temple Stewart                    1175
7          Eric & Tim Dixon                Weldon Estabrooks              1550
8          Glen & Ronnie Ford            Myron MacQuarrie              2350
9          Temple Stewart                           Donald Oulton                     1550
10        Glen & Ronnie Ford            H. & C. Oulton             1375
11        Temple Stewart                           Doug Trenholm                     1525
19        Temple Stewart                           Luc Cormier                         1350
20        Bannockburn                              Clarence Estabrooks             2100
21        Bannockburn                              A. & D Campbell          2150
22        Bannockburn                              A. & D Campbell          2100
27        Eric & Tim Dixon                Richard Feeney                     1325

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Luck PEI 4H Beef Royal Participants

Good luck to all PEI 4H Beef Members attending the Royal Winter Fair next week.
Representing PEI will be Matthias Drake, Emily Johnston, Bennett Crane, Ellen Crane, Courtney Hogan, Ellen Dixon, Hannah Dixon, Emily McKenna, Patrick Holland and Kyle Younker.

PEI Angus Breeders Listing

If you would like to have your farm listed or edited on the PEI Angus Breeders Listing, please email with the details.  You can also click on the tab at the top of the page.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Atlantic Stockyards Green Tag Feeder Sale

Atlantic Stockyards in Truro, Nova Scotia is hosting a feeder sale on November 12th which will feature green tagged Angus feeders.  To consign feeders to this sale contact Sean Firth.

General Office Phone: (902) 893-9603
Office Fax: (902) 893-4483

To contact Sean Firth, Owner/Manager
Cell: (902) 670-5999

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angus in Action Sale Results

The top seller at the Angus in Action Sale on Saturday was consigned by Wheatley River Farm of PEI with their bred heifer, Wheatley River River Effie 11X (MVF VRD Dateline 913P) bred to Beverly Hills Centennial 503, she sold for $2350 to Miltonvale Angus, Colby and Myron MacQuarrie of PEI.

More sale details to come...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Worth-a-Bit Angus Sale Entries

Here are some new photos of our purebred entry in the Angus in Action Sale this Saturday in Nappan, NS. She is Worth-a-Bit Blackcap 13x and is 6 months safe bred to A Red Lazy MC Smash son.

We have also decided to consign a commercial angus/simmental heifer bred angus and is safe 5 months to an angus bull.

Angus in Action Sale Lot 8 Pictures and More Information

Lot 8, Wheatley River Effie 11X sells on Saturday, October 22nd

Lot 8, Wheatley River Effie 11X sells on Saturday, October 22nd
This heifer will make a great brood cow and bred to calf in early January 
2012. She is sired by an AI bull MVF VRD Dateline 913P. Dateline was named 
Grand Champion Male at CWA 2006 and Farm Fair 2006. This female is a larger 
framed, easy keeper female.  Her dam is a cow I purchased at the Masterpiece 
Sale in 2003. Her dam has never let me down and has always weaned one of our 
heaviest calves on pasture.  Every female her dam has raised has been in our 
show string.  This female is showing a lot of udder development and has a 
very long and deep profile.  We sold a maternal sister to Beth Trueman in 
the 2006 Angus in Action sale and Beth always has good things to say about 
Wheatley River Rosie. She has shown the female in their show string and has 
placed very well with her.  Effie is bred to a son of Sitz Heritage, Beverly 
Hill Centennial 503. Centennial sold at the Canadian Western Agribition for 
$40,000 for 2/3 interest.  This heifer was bred early and held to first 
service.  If you are looking for an early 2012 4-H calf! This could be a 
good one. She is due to calf on January 4, 2012.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Expo Boeuf Pictures

Champion Heifer Calf: JEM Classy Lady 15Y (Bismarck).
She was also Champion Heifer Calf in Charlottetown.

Senior Champion Female : JEM Classy Lady 42T
Owned and Exhibited by Stephen and Jennie Mutch, Mutch Farms
She was also Champion Angus and Supreme Champion at the Truro Exhibition.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full PEI Results from the Maritime Fall Fair Angus Show

Thanks to Ronnie Ford for providing these results.

Angus Show

Bull Calf Class (5 in class)

2nd place Wheatley River Yogi Limestone (sired by Limestone Darkhorse U322)
    He was named Reserve Grand Champion Bull
    Shown by Wheatley River Farm

Heifer Calf Class (9 in class)

1st Wheatley River Yasmine 10Y (sired by Young Dale Superior 14s)
    She was named Champion Heifer Calf
    Shown by Wheatley River Farm/Kyle Younker

2nd Miltonvale Bluebird 4Y (sired by Just Rock Solid 621P)
     Shown by Corey Ford

3rd Bannockburn Valley Dolly 21Y (sired by DFCC 33T Bad Boy 51W)
      Shown by Bannockburn Valley Farm

4th MKHF Mistress 1Y (sired by SAV Bismarck 5682)
     Shown by MacKinnon Homestead

8th KJDF Yvonne 11Y (sired by Krone Royal 1140)
      Shown by Top of Hill Farm who purchased this heifer at the Duncan Livestock Sale.

Yearling Heifers ( 3 splits)
1st Split ( 6 in class)
1st  Locust Grove Marion 9X (sired by  SAV Net Worth 4200)
      Shown by MacKinnon Homestead

2nd  Wheatley River X Maiden 9X (sired by MVF VRD Dateline 913P)
      Shown by Wheatley River Farm

3rd  Wilgor 1P Unie 2X (sired by SAV 004 Density)
      Shown by MacKinnon Homestead

4th JEM Classy Lady 8X (sired by Young Dale Touch Down)
     Shown by Nicole Booth
      She purchased this female at the Angus in Action Sale in 2010.

5th  Worth-A-Bit Licorice 9X (sired by Young Dale Touchdown 36M)
     Shown by Nicole Booth

2nd Split ( 5 in class)
1st Bannockburn Valley Dolly 15X (sired by JS Kodiak 1T)
     Shown by Bannockburn Valley Farm

2nd Bannockburn Valley Rose 12X (sired by JS Kodiak 1T)
     Shown by Bannockburn Valley Farm

3rd Split ( 6 in class)
1st Bannockburn Valley Rose 40X (sired by Young Dale Avenger 89S)
     Shown by Bannockburn Valley Farm

2nd Bannockburn Valley Pride 58X (sired by JS Kodiak 1T)
    Shown by Top of Hill Farm

3rd Cable Head Queen 20X (sired by JS Kodiak 1T)
     Shown by Top of Hill Farm

Junior Champion
Bannockburn Valley Dolly 15X

Reserve Junior Champion
Bannockburn Valley Rose 12X

Two Year old Female with 2011 calf  (3 in class)

1st Bannockburn Valley Dolly 3W (sired by SAV Net Worth)
    Shown by Bannockburn Valley Farm

Mature Female with 2011 Calf
1st   Wheatley River Rosie 3R (sired by Bon View New Design 878)
      Shown by Thunderbrook Farms
      She was purchased at Angus in Action Sale in 2006

Senior Champion Female
Wheatley River Rosie 3R

Reserve Senior Champion Female
Bannockburn Valley Dolly 3W

Grand Champion Female
Bannockburn Valley Dolly 15X

Reserve Grand  Champion Female
Bannockburn Valley Rose 12X

Breeders Herd
1st Wheatley River Farm
2nd Bannockburn Valley Farm

Premier Exhibitor/Premier Breeder
Bannockburn Valley Farm

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Maritime Fall Fair Results

Here are some results from Maritime Fall Fair for PEI Angus Exhibitors.

Bull Calves

2. Wheatley River Yogi Limestone 2Y, exhibited by Wheatley River Farm.  This calf was also named the Reserve Grand Champion Male.

Heifer Calves

1. Wheatley River Yasmine 10Y, exhibited by Wheatley River Farm.

2. An entry from Miltonvale Angus.

Complete results to come....

Quebec Beef Expo Results

Here are the results from the Quebec Beef Expo for PEI Angus Exhibitors.

Mutch Farms' exhibited the Senior Champion Female with JEM Classy Lady 42T (Sitz Tradition RLS 02) with her bull calf, MFS Can't Touch This 2Y.  The 2Y bull calf was sold privately while in Victoriaville.

Julie Mutch's JEM Classy Lady 15Y (S A V Bismarck 5682) was selected as the Champion Heifer Calf.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Worth-a-Bit Angus Sale Entry

WORTH-A-BIT BLACKCAP 13X is one of our top replacement females. Every one of her EPDs is well above the breed average, with her birth weight EPD in the top 7% of the breed and yearling weight in the top 20%. Her sire, WORTH-A-BIT IN FOCUS 12U, is currently owned by Ivan Boswall of Dunstaffnage PEI. He sired the Grand Champion Bull at the 2010 St. Mary's Fair and the Reserve Champion in 2011. Her dam, WORTH-A-BIT BLACKCAP 9U, was the pick of our yearlings in 2009 by John Donaldson, former Canadian Angus Association president. She was only a two year old when she raised this sale lot.
The service sire, RED LINDALE SM WALLOP 5X is a LAZY MC SMASH son. He comes from one of the top Red Angus herds in North America and is known for siring outstanding females. WALLOP was bred at the famous Gold Bar Livestock in Ontario. 13X was preg checked safe on September 5/11 at 4.5 months. While feeding 5X for the winter of 2010 for Dale and Linda Lackie of Lindale Angus, we decided to rent him to breed our heifers. His 2011 calves surpassed our expectations and we used him again this past spring.
Consigned by: Eric & Tim Dixon (Worth-A-Bit Angus) R.R.2 Albany PE 902-437-3167

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PEI Angus Breeders on the Road

Good luck to PEI Angus Breeders going to Expo Boeuf in Victoriaville, Quebec and the Maritime Fall Fair in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Making the trip to Quebec are entries from Julie Mutch and Mutch Farms.

Among those going to Halifax are Bannockburn Valley Farm, Cable Head Angus, MacKinnon Homestead Farm, Miltonvale Angus, and Wheatley River Farm.

Also on the road are a delegation of PEI Angus members to Argentina for the World Angus Secretariat.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Angus in Action Sale Catalog

Angus in Action Sale Catalog is Coming

Look for the 13th Annual Angus in Action Sale Catalog to be posted very soon.  The sale is being held on Saturday, October 22nd beginning at 12:30 pm at the Maritime Beef Test Station in Nappan, Nova Scotia.