Sunday, October 26, 2014

Angus in Action Sale Results

Thanks to all the buyers and bidders today at the Angus in Action Sale.
Purebred avg. 2433
calves 2092
bred heifers 2731
Commercial avg. 2368
calves 1975
bred heifers 2762

High selling female was MFS Mama Bear 6A owned by Mutch Farms sold to Melvern Simmentals, Nova Scotia for $3500.

Thanks to all that helped to run the sale!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Maritime Angus fieldman

The Maritime Angus Association is pleased to welcome Dale Black of Bloomfield, NB as the new Maritime Angus field man.

Dale with be working in collaboration with the Canadian and Maritime Associations to further promote the angus breed, including : fostering relationships between purebred and commercial producers, increasing the awareness and benefits of the Angus 'green tag', and promoting Angus genetics in commercial herds across the Maritimes.

Dale has been involved in the beef industry for many years, and is well known among angus and commercial producers.

Dale will be at the Angus in Action sale this Saturday, oct 25th, so be sure to say hi to him and welcome him to the Maritime Angus team!

Two Angus Sales this weekend

Angus in Action Sale, Nappan, NS  12:00 pm.   Catalog can be viewed here.

Partners for Progress Sale, Sheffield, Quebec.  Catalog can be viewed here.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Brunswick Beef Expo Results

 Click here to see the complete Angus results from the New Brunswick Beef Expo in Sussex, New Brunswick.