Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Show Results

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Show
June 14, 2015 – Crapaud, PE
Judge: Tammi Ribey, Paisley, Ontario

Champion Angus Calf
1.   Mel’s Clarabelle (EXAR Significant 1769B)  -   Melanie DeLong, NS

Angus Yearling – January 1 – 10, 2014 (First Split)
1.  Whiskey Lane Kalli 4B (Vision Unanimous 1418) -  Ella Wood, PE
2.  Dusty Breeze Bling 3B (S A V Net Worth 4200) - Nicole Booth, NS
3.  Wheatley River Bellatrix (S A V Angus Valley 1867)  - Logan Ford, PE
Angus Yearling – January 11 – 29, 2014 (Second Split)
1.  Garvie Tibbie 22B (Dameron First Impression) -  Taylor Welch, NB
2.  Red Wheatley River Brea (Red Lazy MC CC Cut Above 102Y)- Gabrielle Cleveland, PE
3.  Bannockburn Valley Dolly 15B (JS Kodiak 1T) - Melanie DeLong, NS
Angus Yearling – February 1 – March 22, 2014 (Third Split)
1.  HMF Lori 4B  (Bannonckburn Valley Kodiak 20Y) -  James Worth, PE
2.  MKHF 65X Erica (S A V Net Worth 4200) -  Patrick Holland, PE
3.  Wheatley River Bella (S A V 004 Density 4336) -  Danielle Pollard, PE
Champion Angus Yearling: Garvie Tibbie 22B -  Taylor Welch, NB
Reserve Champion Angus Yearling:  HMF Lori 4B  -  James Worth, PE
Champion Angus: Garvie Tibbie 22B -  Taylor Welch, NB

Angus Crossbred Yearling
1.  Miz Biz II (Vin-Mar O'Reilly Factor 9563)-  Jake Matheson, PE
2.  Crossbred (Garvie Mountain Grizzley) – Katie Antworth, NB
3.  Amber – Amber Hicks, NB
Champion Angus Crossbred: Miz Biz II -  Jake Matheson, PE
Reserve Champion Angus Crossbred:  Crossbred – Katie Antworth, NB

Peewee Showmanship
  • Austin Potts, PE
  • Nolan Potts, PE
  • Konor Younker, PE

Junior Showmanship  (9 – 14 years)
1. Jake Matheson, PE
2. Catherine Ashworth, NB
3. Beverley Booth, NB

Intermediate Showmanship (15 – 18 years)
1. Justin Ford, PE
2. Ben Bacon, NS
3. Katie Antworth, NB

Senior  Showmanship (19 – 21 years)
1. Patrick Holland, PE
2. Taylor Welch, NB
3. James Worth, PE

Congratulations to the Junior Exhibitors for a great show!

Congratulations to the following people who were recognized during the Maritime Angus Field Day for their achievements:
25 Year Recognition Award: Milton Palmer - Meadowhills Farm, Aylesford, NS & Byron Armstrong  - Breezy Valley Farm, Kars, NB
Honorary President Award:   Jim Colodey, Clyde River, PE
Maritime Angus Scholarship: Patrick Holland, Montague, PE
Commercial Breeder Award:  James and Grace MacLaurin, Belmont-Lot 16, PE

Thank you to those individuals who provided food, supported the auction and assisted with making the Field Day a success!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Field Day Schedule & Show Program

The 2015 Maritime Angus Field Day and Junior Show will be held on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 at the Crapaud Exhibition Grounds.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Field Auction Items

If you have items to donate to the 2015 Maritime Junior Angus Field Day Auction being held in Crapaud, PE on Saturday, June 13th, here's the link to fill out,

We will be posting all items that are submitted on

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ivomec Angus Futurity - Second Round of Nominations

Fourteen Angus breeders have nominated 56 cattle for the 2015 Ivomec Angus Futurity - second round of nominations. 

The Futurity will be held during the Provincial Exhibition (Old Home Week) in August .

The nomination numbers are as follows:
39 calves 
13 yearling heifers
4 two-year old cows

The third round of nominations is due July 17, 2015.