Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angus in Action Sale Summary

Nine Angus breeders representing each of the 3 Maritime Provinces consigned 18 purebred and 5 commercial lots to the 15th  annual Angus in Action Sale held on October 26 at Nappan NS. Purebred sales averaged $1839, and commercials averaged $1810. The top-selling purebred, Bonshaw Zinnia 64Z, was consigned by Bill Best (Hillcrest Farm), Bonshaw PE, and purchased by Melvern Simmentals (Bill and Richard Armstrong), Kingston NS for $2600. Irwin Jewell of York, PE, paid $2600 for the high-selling commercial, an F-1 baldy consigned by Bannockburn Valley Farm, Clyde River PE. Volume buyer was Clarence Estabrooks from Sackville NB who purchased 5 lots. The Sale organizers would like to thank the 12 returning buyers and the  4 first-time buyers for their support of the 2013 Angus in Action Sale.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two additions to the Angus in Action Sale this Saturday!

EXTRA LOT:  BONSHAW AZALEA 20A              

Born:  February 11, 2013
Purebred Open Heifer                                  
Reg. No: 1763770      Tattoo:  BEST20A

                    GEIS BLACKMAN 224’05                
            Sire: SOO LINE BLACKMAN 8448         

                    SOO LINE ANNIE K 6271

                   YOUNG DALE TOUCHDOWN 36M
                      GLENNIE M’BROOK LASS 2J

Birth weight:  92 pounds

Comments: This is a straight Western-bred heifer, sired by our Soo Line Blackman bull, and the paternal grandmother of this heifer was arguably one of the best Angus cows ever in Canada and sold at public auction for $100,000 to the U.S. a couple of years ago. The dam is of Young Dale stock from Saskatchewan and is a stout, powerful cow.  This calf is pretty green as she was weaned on grass just a little over 2 weeks ago and has been grain fed for about 1 week.  She has been tied up a few times and is halter breaking nicely.

Consigned by:  Bill Best (Hillcrest Farm) Bonshaw, PEI (902) 628-7786

EXTRA LOT  BONSHAW ZINNIA 64Z                   
Born:  February 9, 2012
Purebred Bred Heifer                               
 Reg. No: 1707056      Tattoo:  BEST64Z

                  GEIS BLACKMAN 224’05                          
             Sire: SOO LINE BLACKMAN 8448           

                   SOO LINE ANNIE K 6271

                        DMM FLEX 3M
                       DMM MISS ESSENCE 20L

Birth weight:  88 pounds

Comments: This is again a Western bred heifer by our Soo Line Blackman bull with the same paternal grandmother as Bonshaw Azalea 20A.  This bred heifer has Miller-Wilson genetics and is in calf to our Gumbo Gulch bull, Bonshaw Black Gulch 5Y,who has shown to be an easy-calving bull with lots of muscle.  This bred heifer is big and thick with lots of middle and muscle.  Exposed to Bonshaw Black Gulch 5Y from April 1, 2013 to September 5, 2013, preg-checked in calf; midway through gestation.
Consigned by:  Bill Best (Hillcrest Farm) Bonshaw, PEI (902) 628-7786

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Worth-a-Bit Angus Sale Entries, October 26th, Nappan, Nova Scotia

Lot 18 Eye candy x Angus heifer calf
Lot 17 Morgan's Direction 3 year old EPDS BW WW YW MILK TM 2.2 36 71 24 42 TOP% 30 70 55 15 35
Click here for her full pedigree and EPDs 
 Lot 17A Chico Xplosive 8X x Morgan's Direction EPDS BW WW YW MILK 2.8 41 82 24 TOP% 45 50 30 15
Click here for her full pedigree and EPDs