Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Show Results

2015 Maritime Junior Angus Show
June 14, 2015 – Crapaud, PE
Judge: Tammi Ribey, Paisley, Ontario

Champion Angus Calf
1.   Mel’s Clarabelle (EXAR Significant 1769B)  -   Melanie DeLong, NS

Angus Yearling – January 1 – 10, 2014 (First Split)
1.  Whiskey Lane Kalli 4B (Vision Unanimous 1418) -  Ella Wood, PE
2.  Dusty Breeze Bling 3B (S A V Net Worth 4200) - Nicole Booth, NS
3.  Wheatley River Bellatrix (S A V Angus Valley 1867)  - Logan Ford, PE
Angus Yearling – January 11 – 29, 2014 (Second Split)
1.  Garvie Tibbie 22B (Dameron First Impression) -  Taylor Welch, NB
2.  Red Wheatley River Brea (Red Lazy MC CC Cut Above 102Y)- Gabrielle Cleveland, PE
3.  Bannockburn Valley Dolly 15B (JS Kodiak 1T) - Melanie DeLong, NS
Angus Yearling – February 1 – March 22, 2014 (Third Split)
1.  HMF Lori 4B  (Bannonckburn Valley Kodiak 20Y) -  James Worth, PE
2.  MKHF 65X Erica (S A V Net Worth 4200) -  Patrick Holland, PE
3.  Wheatley River Bella (S A V 004 Density 4336) -  Danielle Pollard, PE
Champion Angus Yearling: Garvie Tibbie 22B -  Taylor Welch, NB
Reserve Champion Angus Yearling:  HMF Lori 4B  -  James Worth, PE
Champion Angus: Garvie Tibbie 22B -  Taylor Welch, NB

Angus Crossbred Yearling
1.  Miz Biz II (Vin-Mar O'Reilly Factor 9563)-  Jake Matheson, PE
2.  Crossbred (Garvie Mountain Grizzley) – Katie Antworth, NB
3.  Amber – Amber Hicks, NB
Champion Angus Crossbred: Miz Biz II -  Jake Matheson, PE
Reserve Champion Angus Crossbred:  Crossbred – Katie Antworth, NB

Peewee Showmanship
  • Austin Potts, PE
  • Nolan Potts, PE
  • Konor Younker, PE

Junior Showmanship  (9 – 14 years)
1. Jake Matheson, PE
2. Catherine Ashworth, NB
3. Beverley Booth, NB

Intermediate Showmanship (15 – 18 years)
1. Justin Ford, PE
2. Ben Bacon, NS
3. Katie Antworth, NB

Senior  Showmanship (19 – 21 years)
1. Patrick Holland, PE
2. Taylor Welch, NB
3. James Worth, PE

Congratulations to the Junior Exhibitors for a great show!

Congratulations to the following people who were recognized during the Maritime Angus Field Day for their achievements:
25 Year Recognition Award: Milton Palmer - Meadowhills Farm, Aylesford, NS & Byron Armstrong  - Breezy Valley Farm, Kars, NB
Honorary President Award:   Jim Colodey, Clyde River, PE
Maritime Angus Scholarship: Patrick Holland, Montague, PE
Commercial Breeder Award:  James and Grace MacLaurin, Belmont-Lot 16, PE

Thank you to those individuals who provided food, supported the auction and assisted with making the Field Day a success!