Thursday, July 31, 2014

Canadian Angus Gold Show Requirements

Canadian Angus Gold Show Requirements:
Each region may designate two shows per year as Gold Shows (except the Maritimes
who can designate three shows) in which breeders can accumulate points for individual
animals that are exhibited. The official list is maintained by the Canadian Angus
Regions will notify the CAA of which shows have been designated along with show location and
show dates by March 1st each year.
Animals competing must have a Canadian Angus Association registration number at the time of
judging. Unregistered, pending or “applied for” animals will not be awarded points or count
toward grant funding.
Animals born in or after 2012 must have a CCIA or ATQ ‘Angus Tag’ in order to qualify
for points.
Exhibitors are required to dress in a black vest and white shirt in the show ring to be
eligible for points.
Any animal with colour products applied to it in a Canadian Angus Association
sponsored show will be disqualified from the show and any aggregate points this animal
has amassed will be forfeited.
The class structure may be determined by the show organizing committee however it is
encouraged that the Canadian Angus Association Gold Show Class Structure provided be used
whenever possible.
Individual animal points vary depending on the number of entries in the show. Points are
awarded to the top six animals in each class or split, divisional champions and reserve, grand
champions and reserve.
There are no limits on the number of animals that can be exhibited by an individual member.
Requirements are subject to change. Changes will be communicated by the Canadian Angus
Association to the regional associations.