Monday, June 23, 2014

Maritime Angus Field Day Results

Maritime Angus Field Day Purebred Yearling Heifer Show Results
Split 1:
1)      Locust Grove Blackbird 4A ; Patrick Holland
2)      Wheatley River Ariel 2A; Justin Ford
3)      Nic Nat Trisha’s Andrea 11A;  Amber Hicks
4)      Top of the Hill Alicia 1A; Nic Goodwin
5)      Red Lindale Stormy Doll 5A; Jay Woodworth
Split 2:
1)      Garvie Tibbie 12 A; Taylor Welch
2)      Wilgor 203U Pride Lady 3A; Ella wood
3)      Harmony Ridge Brittany 6A; Taylor Stewart
4)      Cable Head Queen 8A; Beverly Booth
5)      Wheatley river Adele 11A; Logan Ford
6)      H & C Oulton Mary Black Lady; Zion Moffitt
Split 3:
1)      HMF Primrose 7A; Melanie Wood
2)      Mel’s Mini Mouse 14A; Melanie DeLong
3)      Bonshaw Azelea 20A; Allison Booth
4)      HMF Diamond Blackbird 5A; Alana Worth
5)      Nic Nat Abby 35A; Ben Bacon
Split 4:
1)      Nic Nat Ashley Rose 4A; Melissa Baxter
2)      HMF Colossette 16A; James Worth
3)      Bannockburn Valley Rose 47A; Nicole Booth
4)      Worth A Bit Queeny 25A; Mark Oulton
5)      Red Lorcain Duchess 6A; Andrew Manning

Champion Angus Yearling Heifer:  Garvie Tibbie 12A: Taylor Welch
Reserve Champion: Locust Grove Blackbird 4A; Patrick Holland

Heifer Calf born in 2014
1)       Bannockburn Valley dolly 15B; Melanie DeLong (Champion)
Angus/Cross Heifer born in 2013
1)      Angus/Cross; Nic Goodwin (Champion Crossbred)
2)      Angus/Cross; Danielle Pollard ( Reserve Champion Crossbred)
3)      Angus/Cross; Wes Hunter

Maritime Angus Field Day Showmanship Results 2014
Champion : Melanie Wood, PE
Reserve Champion: Patrick Holland, PE
Champion : Logan Ford, PE
Reserve Champion:  Ella Wood, PE
Champion : Alana Worth, PE
Reserve Champion: Beverly Booth, NB