Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Show Your Colors


In celebration of the 98th year of Canada’s premier rural youth development program, I would like to encourage you to ‘show your 4-H colours’ this Wednesday.  This means that, whether you were or are a 4-H personality or not, you wear the colour GREEN to show support and solidarity for the movement that most of our Canadian Angus fraternity are or have been involved with.

I hope to see lots of GREEN on Wednesday as we show our commitment to an organization that has provided so much leadership, communication, business and animal husbandry experience to hundreds of thousands of rural Canadians and millions across the globe, both the young members as well as their volunteer leaders, as they have ‘learned to do by doing’!  While I know many of you positively bleed green, I am satisfied if, for this day, we show our GREEN on the outside so that all the world can see.

The Canadian Angus Association is a proud member of the Canadian 4-H Council and we will be ‘goin’ green’ on Wednesday.  Contrary to what Kermit the Frog sings on “Sesame Street”, I’ve always found it rather ‘easy bein’ green’!

Thank you very much for your interest and support.  Remember… on Wednesday of this week… show your 4-H colours and WEAR GREEN!!!


Rob Smith
Chief Executive Officer
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