Sunday, February 27, 2011

O'Faelan Farms 2 Year Old Bull For Sale

O'Faelan Farms has a bull for sale that was on test at Nappan last year. This is a balancer bull (Black Angus x Gelbvieh).  Sire is from Mountainview Farms, in Manitoba, ABA MVF Traveler 96R, while dam is TMR 4N, Black Gelbvieh from Triple M Ranch in Saskatchewan. Igenity scores 6 ADG, 7 marbling, 7 Quality grade, 7 yield grade, 7 fat thickness, 4 ribeye, 6 heifer preg rate, 6 stayability, 5 maternal calving ease, 5 docility. BW 80 lbs. Ideal for commercial cattleman looking to add crossbreeding genetics into a herd. Asking $1200.

For further information contact,
O'Faelan Farms
Ron, Tracey, Sean, Hannah, and Ciara Whalen
165 Hermitage Road
Prince Edward Island
Canada C0A 2E0