Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Canadian Angus Association RFID tag prices

Here is a look at the current prices of Canadian Angus Association (CAA) green tags. Calves qualify to be tagged with a green CAA tag if they have at least one registered angus parent.

50 RFID tags x $2.92 each = $146.00

50 Dangle Tags x $1.00 = $50.00

Shipping = $10.00
Total cost is $206.00 plus taxes.

Click on the following link to see a copy of an order form from the CAA, tag order form. The RFID and dangle tags come in bags of 25 so the minimum order is 25. That would be a cost of $103 plus $10 shipping and gst. You may order RFID tags on their own.

All tags work with the red Allflex tagger.

There are several options to pick from on the tag order form.

You may also order directly online at
For more information on the CAA green tag program, go to

If you have any questions regarding the CAA green tag program, contact Kurt Duncan at 902-569-5907 or or you can contact anyone at the CAA listed on the web sites listed above.