Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maritime Field Day Auction

There is a very impressive offering of genetics for sale this Saturday at the Port Elgin event grounds, including:

5 straws of Red Six Mile Game Face 164Y donated by Six Mile Red Angus
10 straws of WAF Zorzal 321U donated by French River Angus
5 straws of Belvin Panic Switch 2'11 donated by Belvin Angus
5 Straws of OCC Legacy 839L donated by Bohrson marketing
10 straws of conventional semen on any beef bull in the Genex lineup donated by Genex
5 straws of GEIS Baloo 13'08 donated by KBJ Round Farm
5 straws of LLB Free Wheeler 268S donated by Tullamore Angus
5 straws of Southland Thriller 83X donated by Tullamore Angus
10 straws of EXAR Fortify 1447B donated by Vos Vegas Farms
2 embryos donated by Youngdale Angus

Proceeds of the auction go to the Maritime Junior Angus Association members. Thanks to all who donated to the auction and to Darren Moffitt and Trevor Welch for helping to coordinate this event.